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journey will save us [Feb. 28th, 2006|04:55 pm]
ever since that episode of the simpsons
we were filled with emotion to take action
at first we thought it was eddie money
but we were on a quest.. well more of a journey

and we sing any way you want it
that's the way you need it
any way you want it now

without knowing who sings this
searching for the artist in 96
was harder than it seems
looking back it was so naive
i mean who doesn't know journey

ooh, all night, all night oh, every night
so hold tight, hold tight ooh baby, hold tight

once steve perry came out of hiding it was time for celebration
and i swear it caused a chain reaction
everywhere you went you came across journey

don't stop believin' hold on to that feelin' streetlight people woahhh, woahhhh

when the lights go down in the city
the wheel in the sky keeps on turning
no matter the problem its unanimous
faithfully.. journey will save us
lovin', touchin', squeezin', journey
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2006|06:11 am]
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b.p.e.b. [Dec. 2nd, 2005|05:22 pm]
your so cute i'm going to prosecute
because your giving me a boner
its a crime you being on my mind
i'm going to get a lawyer, or call

the boner police
the erection brigade
they'll make some peace
if they haveta invade
restricting pants will cease
thats their crusade
the boner police
the erection brigade

you think its so comical
when i'm struggling anatomical
there will be some surprises
when the situation arises


all in awe of the new law
house arrest for jessica alba
and if the crime isn't apparent
my penis is judge for enforcement
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2005|01:30 am]
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pakrat [Sep. 19th, 2005|03:53 am]
i keep a box of old memories
some of them are with you and me
but don't flatter yourself
i keep them on a very high shelf
then a friend, but then the threats
back and forth arguments
try so hard it became a regret

near death experience is equally
to experience life fully
appreciation, like a wake up call
explanation, to awaken it all
not an excuse but a reason to live

i keep a jar of insecurities
some of them you caused me
but don't worry about it
its nothing i would admit
then a friend, but then pretend
every connection you forget
tried my best but no confess

i know waking up is brutal
and it only gets harder over time
its not complimental
and is no longer a characteristic of mine
not an excuse but a reason
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hat trick of disappointment [Aug. 8th, 2005|09:00 pm]
oh rene
i thought you were a good mormon
until you wanted to see more men
now your by yourself with poor mental health
and you never ever, ever want to see me
no you don't give a shit about me
oh rene went to reno
now the biggest little city
has the biggest little whore
you don't exactly need to gamble
if your intension is to score
just pay her a compliment and she'll pay your rent
for a year
oh laura
you came and you asked for a quarter
i didn't have one to give
oh lore-ah
since then i carry one with me
in case you ask again
i was just the janitor
not exactly your co-worker
you made ten bucks an hour
i cleaned up your mess
but it didn't seem to matter
that i made much less
oh i regret never asking you, why you squatted when you smoked
and i regret everytime i hesitated before i spoke
you asked me if you made me nervous
i said pfft no, what do i make you comfortable
i'm a fucking idiot
oh amanda
we were voted best couple back in photography
even though we really never went out
despite my best intentions
you were just never into me
and despite my best intentions
i never got to be into you
well except for that night before prom
what is wrong, with this picture
i know its not the aperture
what we need, is, a change in shutter speed
and some type of forward motion
i think you went away to college
cause i never see you round town
i pass by your house every weekday, its on my way to work
i try not to look in your window, it makes me feel degraded
i think if we ever meet again it would be positive
well now the pictures may be faded
but i still have the negatives
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an open letter to dr. wong dds [Jul. 23rd, 2005|06:54 pm]
hey dr. wong quit calling me. you got your money from me and i'm doin fine. your a good dentist, probably the best that i know of. i don't need anymore work right now so quit calling me. tell everyone in the office too.
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an open letter to stacie [Jun. 21st, 2005|06:02 pm]
why do you even care what me and jackie do?
you were the one that ended our friendship. and now your commenting about stuff half a year later. in the beginning i thought you and jax could co-exist, but when that failed i thought we would still be friends. but you had to ultimatum me to choose between the two of you. and i couldn't cause you were a good friend and i knew there was a future with jackie. but then you became something you weren't, or at least you never showed that side of yourself to me, you became a liar. you would say that you were busy when you were home, and when jackie would come down thats when you wanted to hang out and stir up trouble. saying i'm under her thumb and stuff cause i wanted to be with her. what killed me was the day you got your christmas present from me thats when you called me and said i was the worst friend you ever had and your not giving me my present. and you lied, cause you know that we clicked. you didn't have to end things, i understand why you said that because you thought it would hurt me. and i know that it hurt you that i didn't choose you over jackie. i know this because i took the time to get to know you, but you didn't take the time to know me because if you thought that would hurt me your wrong. you became a liar and i'm better off without you. jackie didn't go back to job corp and she has been living with me ever since christmas. and thats how friends and family spell her name, thats just her nick name her real name is jacqueline she spells it jakki sometimes. i thought it would be fun if we were each others backups for marriage, but for laughs not seriously. i told you i didn't have feelings for you but it got awkward anyway. i thought we could joke about that. really towards the end i thought we were rebuilding and you even talked about jackie in not that bad of light occasionally. we were even going to take some oc classes. but then christmas hit, and i guess you were just pretending to be my friend still cause i told you i bought your present already. i am sorry if things got awkward when i was looking for angie. i didn't want that, and me and jackie don't need to come to angie's wedding on your account. we don't want to cause drama. do the same and don't post on my lj anymore.
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how was your weekend? [Jun. 20th, 2005|09:18 pm]
well friday was pretty boring, after work jackie was no where to be found. hours later she finally called from tacoma. i cooked dinner thinking she would be back soon. i got these taco bell quesadilla things. i feel like a chef when i have a burner going, the oven, and the microwave working at the same time. i should be on hell's kitchen.
saturday was the day lindy would finally come over, cancelling friday, she came early evening. my plan was we would just go to josh's for a bbq. buying beer and alcohol to keep lindy from wanting to go to the bars. no such luck. we went to belfair first, which wasn't bad cause it was not crowded at all. all me and webs wanted to do was go to jimmy d's and eat biscuits and gravy. even though we just ate a lot of bbq it would be better then mingling in a stink dive. 2 beers before we left, and only 2 beers at belfair bars i was still ok to drive but i didn't drink at the last place, endzone, to make sure.
when we dropped off josh we thought it would be funny to take pictures of lindy topless with me and josh on both sides. jackie said she was cool with it, but i didn't know for sure. then josh egged me on so..
but when we all got home lindy was going to sleep on our couch. she was all flirty and so was jackie. all i'm saying is if i wanted a 3some that night i wouldn't have to try hard. but i declined just so things wouldn't get weird later with me and jackie. and looking at lindy i really am not attracted to her. if i didn't love jackie like i do it would be a no brainer. but since i know we have longevity its a smart choice on my part. plus i just heard that dwarves song hours before 'it was a freaky orgy, but they all just ignored me, watch as my penis begins to shrink' anyway i don't think that will be a regret later. and lindy sucks, she had her chance.
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women's prison [Jun. 6th, 2005|06:11 pm]
i dare you to go to the women's correctional facility
make sure no ones looking then very carefully
stick your penis thru the chain link fence
i wonder what those women would do with it
you might get head, you might get he-ad
but i wouldn't count on it
they're only women, but their in prison
they wouldn't all bite your cock off
now listen up cause i double dare you
to go to the women's correctional facility
make sure no ones looking then very carefully
stick your penis thru the chain link fence
i wonder what those women would do with it
you might get head, you might get he-ad
if this was a porn flick they'd all suck your dick
but i wouldn't count on it
if they don't bite it off, rip it off, or tear it to bits
then hey, i'm next
we'll all go to the women's correctional facility
make sure no ones looking then very carefully
stick our penis' thru the chain link fence
i wonder what those women will do with it
afterall we might get head.. (high-five)
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